Lounge - Kinoulton, Nottingham

This particular client was based predominantly in Brooklynn, NY for work, but was purchasing a property in the UK with her fiancé, ready to start spending more time back home. 

The main factors for this client which played into this design was that they required a neutral scheme with a high end quality feel, that would fit their lower to mid range budget. Her ideal home was something out of a Contemporary living magazine, we discussed each element of the design from the simplicity of the art work, to the texture rug, or dual purpose coffee table. 

Planning - 2D Furniture Layout

Looking for a space where they can equally put their feet up and watch TV, read a book or socialise with friends and family, therefore we'd decided that an open casual seating layout would work beautifully, allowing for everyone to communicate easy, yet still be comfortably seated with ample space to move around and enjoy the space. 


Design Board 


Planning - 2D Furniture Layout with imagery 

I love to put the physical images of each item from the Design Board onto the Furniture Layout, as I feel my clients can then imagine there space in a more comfortable way. Taking away the guess work of any positioning of furniture or accessories. Especially when the client wants to complete the purchasing themselves, this offers as close to the designer styling as we can get.  

Curtain Samples 

Samples are a huge part of my process, being that you are happy to go take a peek, I love to send these out to clients for approval, so you can see the thickness, colour, quality, shine and heaviness of materials I recommend. You may want to pop these on the wall with your paint swatches or leave them by the window to see what they look like in different times of the day. Either way samples are you best friend, especially for more expensive investment pieces. 

We started with a phone call to decide if she wanted to go ahead, and once she was happy with everything, we booked in our first Teams Call. This project took between two to three weeks from start to finish, and will then be continued by the client at their request. 

This was an online client so although I have before photos of their space, I do not have the afters, as from time to time approval is not given for photos so we will all just have to imagine the beauty of this space, when it comes to life! 

See you in the next post my loves. 

- Kerry W