Kitchen - Farnham, Surrey

Complete look! 

This was a fun Consulting and Style Spec project, mainly looking to finish this kitchens look, by styling and finding the ideal colour scheme for smaller accessories to flow on from the adjoining Dining space which we had just completed. It was imperative that we choose the perfect accessories to finish the space in fun and warm way. 


This particular client, didn't want any unnecessary accessories so we decluttered everything, upcycled her lovely stools, and only bought items which we knew would brighten the space but also have a function. 

As you can see by making a few changes we were able to, create a warm, inviting and fun family kitchen. 

To take this client from her old space to the new, she ordered the Online Consultation and the Design Board with Product List

Before Photos 

Take a look at how it was before we worked some finishing touch magic. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this little Blog Portfolio piece, I hope we can inspire you to makes some changes of your own! 

- Kerry W