Conservatory - Farnham, Surrey

This particular client wanted a whole new lease of life to this space. Through a consultation I was able to understand their needs and opted to infuse an exotic colour scheme with a very English botanical garden vibe. This combination worked perfectly and suits the space even in colder months, keeping everything bright, sunny and welcoming.

As with many garden/sun rooms, they are cooler in the winter months, so my client was on it and took this time to prep for spring, ready to enjoy the social scene when the time comes. When I received her call I was so ready to jump on board to help, considering it was December and we were dealing with grey cloudy days, what better to spike your mood then with designing a sun room! 


Before - The original space awaiting its Glow Up! 


Design Board Planning 

This client was very much wanting to make use of furniture or items she already had in the house, such as the beautiful dark wood chest of drawers which takes centre stage on the long back wall. 

Planning - 2D Furniture Layout 

This was a part of the design which was very helpful for my client, to help her envision the space and how creating a snug style seating area will create a space that she will want to use come spring! *The ideal rug was unfortunately out of budget for the size which would have best suited the space, however, aesthetically, the space still looked beautiful, and gave my client to option to save up for the correct size. 


Basic 3D Renders 


After Photos - Glowing! 

My client has since mentioned that in the spring/summer this space is the Hub of their home and is great for entertaining guests, as well as a space for her and her husband or the children to go and relax with a good book or friends. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this little Blog Portfolio piece, speak soon! 

- Kerry W